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Simple Soap Calculator online, free and easy

    simple soap calculator حاسبة الصابون

    Free online simple soap calculator for soap making. It calculates lye/sodium hydroxide for soap formulation to help soap making

    Oils, fats & Additives % SAP Lye
    01 - - -
    02 - - -
    03 - - -
    04 - - -
    05 - - -
      Total - 100.0 - -
    06 Sodium Chloride -
    07 - - - -
    08 Fragrance
    Superfat -
    Lye Solution
      Sodium Hydroxide - g
      Water - g    

    How to use lye / s o a p calculator?

    This calculator is very simple, you can use it as follows

    1. Start type your oil of fat name and it will display a list contains all fats contains your latters
    2. Select the required oils and fats
    3. Fill the needed weight of each one
    4. select weight unit
    5. Press calculate button
    6. That is all; you will get the required lye and water quantities

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