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Oleic Acid / C18:1

    Olea europaea >> Oleic Acid / C18:1 >> Sodium Oleate

    Olive Oils, Special Fatty Acides

    Olive >> Oleic Acid (Fatty Acid 18:1 cis-9)

    * ع: زيتون >> حمض الزيت (أوليك أسيد ، حمض الأوليك)

    * ms: Zaitun >> Asid oleik

    * tr: Zeytin >> Oleik asit

    * zh: 油橄欖 >> 油酸

    Required sodium hydroxide for making soap form 1 Kg of the material: 142

    Saponification Value = SV:

    Number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide (KOH) required to saponify one gram of fat: 199

    Iodine Value: 92

    Titre point: 14.2

    CAS ـ: 112-80-1

    HS Code: 29161510

    Formula: C18H34O2

    EP name: Oleic Acid

    USP name: Oleic Acid

    INCI name: Oleic Acid

    INCI soap name: Sodium Oleate

    IUPAC name: (9Z)-Octadec-9-enoic acid